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What is ChallBox?
A place to have fun

Designed to make your life more amusing, ChallboX is a global platform for challenges where you can challenge your friends, join the challenges of others, bid on challenges and the best part – win prizes and earn money in a fun way.

Build community

ChallboX is a place where you can build your community or become a part of one. This is achieved through platform’s built-in tools such as forums, challenge location, challenge type, age group etc.

You can start challenge groups with your friends or like-minded people, create and join forums, get support from the community or simply chat one with another.

Win and earn

ChallboX incentivize bidders and challenge participants with opportunity to earn coins that can be exchanged to prizes or instantly cashed-out to users bank account.

Each user is awarded extra coins for every new active user invited.

How it works

Become a user and make MONEY!

For users
  • Time well spent
  • Community
  • Winnings and real earnings
  • Record Book
  • Safety (blockchain)

Commercial challenges that improve:

  • Brand visibility
  • Brand awareness
  • Customer growth
  • Revenue growth
  • User base growth (global)
  • Project commissions
  • Project valuation growth
  • Growth of Global Partnership Network
Based on blockchain
Improved speed and high efficiency

The use of blockchain solves the time-consuming process for greater efficiency. With the help of automation, it eliminates possibilities of human-based errors which is the most common case in project development. The digital ledger makes everything possible by providing a single place to store transactions. Simplifying and automating the process also means that everything becomes very efficient and fast.

Users data protection

Challbox secures cryptographically all the data of platform users. In addition, current ledgers are subordinated on the contiguous pad to complete the cryptographic process.

Decreased Platform Creation Expenses

Creation of large scale projects are extremely expensive, which is the main difficulty for startups. Platform creation on the blockchain reduces expenses compared with traditional system integration because it provides already made solutions which are already tested and secure.

Usage of Established Crypto Exchanges

In-app CLX points are and can be further traded on crypto exchanges.

Transactions security

Blockchain technology used in Challbox strongly improves transactions security. Confirmed blocks are very unlikely to be reversed, meaning that once data has been registered into the blockchain, it is extremely difficult to remove or change it. This makes blockchain a great technology for storing financial records or any other data because every change is tracked and permanently recorded on a distributed and public ledger.

Road map



Market Analysis
Estimation of project scope and costs
Marketing strategy
Technical specification
Company set-up and identity


IEO Pitch
approaching Coin-Exchanges
Technical Infrastructure
MVP Frontend
Listing on Crypto Exchange
Beta testing
MVP Launch
Bugs and fixes
MVP v3
New Features
Project improvement


Technical upgrade (infrastructure)

App official launch

Expansion of Global Ambassador and Partnership Networks
New features
3+ Million active users
Team expansion
AI implementation

Meet our team
Has broad experience and a deep understanding of entrepreneurship, business development from initial stages to companies generating billions in revenue. Has established, grown and successfully sold several companies. Member of Business Network International. Gives lectures on successful business growth. Board member at Xchaller.
Andrius Skakauskas
Highly experienced security systems manager with over 10 years of deep experience in data network creation and maintenance and systems management. Experienced in data analytics, payment platform maintenance, excels at working in multi-cultural and multi-lingual environments. Strong on vision and strategy, brand migrations, project management, media literacy, teamwork, team leadership, and facilitation. Focused on results and customer service, as well as creative thinking. Board member at Xchaller
Paulius Skakauskas
Entrepreneurship and start-up enthusiast. Holds three degrees: two in Business Law and a Master’s in International Business and Economics. 9+ year track record in making operational impacts, delivering outstanding client service and setting up new ventures worldwide. Has worked with numerous VC funds and PE investments in various startups. Author of several publications on startups and entrepreneurship. Board member at Xchaller.
Andrius Serpenskas
Design guru focused on logical thinking. 13+ years of experience in graphic design, and 6+ years of experience in UI/UX. Has become increasingly passionate about user experience issues. Expert in digital and print design Board member at Xchaller.
Mindaugas Skirelis
Experienced software architect with 13+ years of experience. 8 years of experience leading teams. Strong on vision and strategy, project management, teamwork, team leadership, technical specifications preparation, strategic planning, and marketing strategy. Experienced in working with fintech and other large-scale projects. Board member at Xchaller.
Mindaugas Pelenis
CEO at, Brand ambassador at, co-founder and former COO at group. Advisor on several Crypto projects, Communications and community outreach expert.
Joao Martins
With a proven track record of managing and leading interdisciplinary projects
Krishnendu Chatterjie Ph.D
Department of Differential Equations and Computational Mathematics
Vladas Skakauskas Ph.D.
Designer with 14 years of experience, helping companies and startups to create great products and brands. Also working in companie “ABB” - UI/UX designer in Zürich Area, Switzerland.
Rolandas Simkus
Crypto enthusiast and long-term investor. ICO market specialist. Member of CP capital foundation.
Dmitrijus Stepankovas